Star® Round Lift-Out Door

FLOOR SAFES are engineered with advanced security features. STAR Tube safes have been the standard for gas stations,fast food, small retail establishments and home owners for over 50 years.Low cost, combined with the various body styles and optional doors will fit almost any cash handling system. When properly installed in concrete, STAR® FLOOR SAFES provide maximum fire and burglary protection. Now, with the water- resistant dust cover, you get protection from water as well

Star® Round Lift-Out Door


  • Manipulation resistant, unitized
    key changeable lock protected by a
    revolving carburized hardplate.
  • Removable dial and drive/drill resistant
    spindle preventing damage from
    burglary attack and additional protection
    from hold-up.
  • Door, 7-1/4″ clear opening, is 1-3/4″
    solid steel.
  • Door is securely locked by three bolts
    each requiring over 25,000 pounds to
  • Each locking bolt has its own hardened
    steel positive re-locking bolt.
  • Body — Heavy “B” rate construction.


  • Water resistant, high impact molded
    dust cover with rubber “O”-ring
    seal does not rattle or slide like most
  • STAR’s double compartment models
    provide the commercial user with the
    most effective cash handling system
    available. Hold-up as well as burglary
    protection is greatly enhanced by use
    of this type of safe.
  • Available with dual key inner
    compartment. Manager holds one key,
    the armored car driver, or employee
    holds the second.


ModelInside Dim
H x W x D
Outside Dim
H x W x D
Clear Door
H x W
Cu. In.
C3/ K3 †8-1/4 DIA x 5-3/4 8-3/4 DIA x 97-1/4 DIA28040
C5/ K5 †8-1/4 DIA x 10 8-3/4 DIA x 13½7-1/4 DIA510 48
C7/ K7 †8-1/4 DIA x 168-3/4 DIA x 19 7-1/4 DIA785 55
CD5*/ KD5 †
8-1/4 DIA x 4-1/4(top)
8-3/4 DIA x 13½7-1/4 DIA (top)
6-3/8 DIA (btm)
225 (top)
240 (btm)

CD7*/ KD7 †
8-1/4 DIA x 5 1/4(top)
8-1/4 DIA x 9 (btm)
8-3/4 DIA x 19 7-1/4 DIA (top)
6-3/8 DIA (btm)
175 (top)
480 btm