RF Series – High Security Gun Safes

AMSEC off ers the only gun safes that have a TL – 30 and TL – 30×6 Six-Sided UL Burglary Rating. To earn a TL – 30 or TL – 30×6 UL Burglary Rating,
these safes are subjected to a brutal 30-minute attack by trained technicians using tools such as sledge hammers, picks, chisels, circular saws,
carbide drills, wedges, and pry bars. These safes are the industry standard for protecting assets against the threat of serious attack.

The high level of security of these safe comes from AMSEC’s unique composite construction. High-strength concrete with proprietary aggregate combined with a matrix of formed steel barriers stop types of attacks outlined in the Underwriters Laboratories standard. These massive safes weigh between 3,400 and 4,500 pounds. No one is walking out of your house with one of these.

This is the same safe construction that AMSEC sells to banks and jewelers across the county. Today there are hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of assets protected by AMSEC High-Security Composite Safes.

RF Series – High Security Gun Safes


  • 6” Thick High Security Composite Door
  • 3½” Thick High Security Body (3” on X6)
  • UL Listed TL – 30 or TL – 30X6 High Security Burglary Classification
  • 10 Massive 1½” Chrome Plated Bolts
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Fire Protection

  • Seamless High Security Composite Fill
  • 120-Minute Certified Fire Rating
  • Palusol Door Seal Protects Against Fire and Smoke


  • Industry’s Most Flexible Interior
  • Door Organizer
  • Storage for Two Long Guns or Assault Rifles on Door

High Gloss Colors

Platinum Metallic

Burgundy Metallic


Macadamia Metallic

Charcoal Metallic

Rosso Corsa Red

Pearl Essence

Sapphire Blue

Textured Colors




Chocolate Brown

Hardware Colors

5-Spoke Chrome

5-Spoke Brass

5-Spoke Black Nickel


ModelOutside Dim H x W x DInterior CapacityWeight Lbs.
RF703620X676″ x 42″ x 29¼”12-12-12-24-36 Gun 58 + 2 Gun4,578
RF582820X664″ x 34″ x 29¼”12-12-24 Gun + 2 Gun3,418
RF652872″ x 35″ x 29½”12-12-24 Gun + 2 Gun3,455