Mechanical Locks And Key Locks

AMSEC offers a wide variety of options not listed here. Consult your AMSEC price book or call for other available options. AMSEC’s staff will also assist in helping you choose the correct options for your security needs.

Mechanical Locks And Key Locks


  • Three brass and aluminum combination wheels provide 1,000,000 theoretical combinations.
  • Dual brass locking cams prevent wheel slippage.
  • Solid brass locking bolt and zinc drop lever.
  • Four-way brass drive cam allows mounting RH, LH, VU or VD.
  • Internal spring-loaded brass re-lock trigger guards against punch attacks.
  • Standard mounting footprint matches most mechanical and electronic safe locks.
  • Large front-read convertible dial and ring. Both dial and ring are die cast with black fi nish and white letters.
  • A solid, machined brass spindle – 4 7/8” Can be converted to a key-locking dial with a disc tumbler key cylinder and two keys (shown at right).
  • Comes standard with an attractive self-stick solid dial insert or a key-locking dial insert.

U.L. Listed Group 2 Mechanical Combination Safe Lock Kit

Mechanical Combination Safe Locks have been around for over 100 years and are very secure and reliable. With the proper care and service, the AMSEC mechanical combination safe lock will last a long time.

Safe Lock Kit Includes:

  • U.L. Listed Group 2 mechanical safe lock.
  • Large front-read convertible dial & ring, B/W finish.
  • Non-key-locking dial insert.
  • Key-locking dial insert.
  • Key cylinder and two keys.
  • Package mounting hardware and two spline keys.
  • Combination change key.
  • Durable packaging and foam inserts protect contents from shipping damage.

Spy proof Dial

Restricts unauthorized viewing while dialing combination. Also available with key locking feature.

U.L. Listed Dual Nose Key Lock Dual control safe deposit lock requires two different keys to open safe.

Key Locking Front Read Dial

Key is used to lock dial in a fixed position and affords dual custody control. Manager has the combination, collector has the key. Both must be present to unlock the safe.

U.L. Listed Key Op Lock European style seven-lever changeable key lock offers exceptional security features for use on inner locker or outer safe doors.

144 Hour Time Lock

Safes equipped with Time Locks offer the capability of locking the safe for a preselected period of time. Time periods range from one hour to 144 hours (6 full days).

U.L. High Security Key Lock European style nine-lever changeable key lock offers exceptional security features for use on inner locker or outer safe doors.